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Jino Lee

Jino Lee is an international award winning travel & destination photographer.
Once a night owl having spent over 15 years as a musician and sound engineer, he traded late nights for early mornings and took up photography in 2003. He finds inspiration in photographing people, culture and destinations and that motivates him to pursue travel photography. As an assignment travel photographer, he photographs a broad range of subject that is related to the travel and tourism industry. His pictures centered around human interest, with stories building upon and within each location.

Jino had the honour to be one of the judges for National Geographic Channel's photography contest and his works have been featured in several airlines and travel trade publications. He is a contributor for Getty Images, Stocksy United, Ink Global and appointed destination photographer for SilkAir.
Besides travel & destination photography, he offers commercial photography in the hospitality and maritime industries.

Kerry Cheah

Kerry is an observer of light, shadow and everything in between the real moments in our lives that make us laugh, cry, shout and cry again. She loves colour, drama, and visual complexity.   

She is a professional family photographer and filmmaker specialising in intimate, personalised story-telling sessions built around clients’ daily lives.  She set up her own business, Red Bus Photography, in 2014 and can often be found in her clients’ homes.  

Kerry is a mother to two irrepressible, oftentimes impossible young boys, and has been photographing them daily since 2015. This project has been her biggest source of artistic growth and frustration to-date. While her personal experience makes photographing other families a natural fit, she hopes to bring the same ethos of finding meaning in authentic lives to her social documentary work.

Ng Ngok Swee

Ngok Swee first ventured into photography with a film rangefinder in his secondary school days. Soon enough, he was spending much of his time in the darkroom, developing mainly black and white photographs. After retiring from the workforce several years ago, Ngok Swee decided to devote his time to pursuing his two passions: travel and photography.
Surreal images taken during his trip to North Island, New Zealand, made it to the top 10 finals in the Sony World Photography Awards, and were featured in the Sony Alpha Magazine.
Several of his photos were also selected for publication in the Leica User Forum (LUF) Charity Books 2010 and 2012, while a photo taken at the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia, was featured in the CNN’s Top 25 Travel Photos of 2014.
Yeo Yeow Kwang

A photography veteran, Yeow Kwang started capturing moments with the lens as a school boy in the 1970s. Today, he has won more than a hundred international photography awards, most recently the Best Single Image of The Travel Photographer Of The Year Award 2011, and first place in the Sony World Photography Awards 2013. 
Other awards and accolades under his belt include the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of United Kingdom in 1988, Galaxy Exhibitor Distinction of the Photographic Society of America in 2013, and The Photographer of the Year 2013 by the Singapore Ngee Ann Cultural Centre.
Yeo Kwang, whose works include social documentary, travel and fine-art photography, also engages in a wide array of photography activities, including education, documentary projects and digital editing. He is also a certified photography instructor and has contributed as a jury member at several international competitions.   
Lawrence Kuang

With a background in consumer electronics, Lawrence started working for Sony Singapore in 2008 as a product consultant. Today, he’s a certified retail professional and a Singapore Workforce Development Agency certified professional trainer (ACTA) from the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore.
Lawrence conducts training for both consumers and retail employees, covering areas such as consumer audio visual products, audio equipment and telecommunication products. As a keen learner, enthusiastic facilitator and a firm believer in providing the best experience possible for customers, Lawrence can assist you in your learning journey with SDW and help you take your knowledge to the next level.

Chris is a pure ambient portrait and event photographer who is an expert in capturing precious moments. He has been using Sony gear since he started photographing. Together with his meticulous eye for detail, his skills differentiate his photos from the rest. Having moved from Manila to Singapore with more than half a decade of experience in the field of photography, the initial hobbyist proved his innate skill in the art. 

With dedication, hard work and talent, Chris cemented his name in the industry through work done for websites, print advertisements and events. Currently, he is one of the admin officers of the Shifters photography group in Singapore.
Tan Chin Hock

A financial adviser by profession, Chin Hock did not consider photography as a lifelong passion until the birth of his first child in 2011. The father of three and author of photobook “Father (父), Mother (母)” started out with the Sony Nex 5N and has since created unlimited evocative and everlasting memories for many families.

A familiar face in the community, his articles on family, parenting and financial literacy have been featured across numerous newspapers, parenting and social media portals. The portraiture photographer enjoys capturing spontaneity moments among individuals especially family members. His family themed photographs have been featured in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition, one of the largest photography exhibitions in Singapore, in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

He was also a recipient of the LearnSG Seed Fund (supported by Lifelong Learning Council) to teach photography to the community throughout 2017. He aspires to draw people closer through his lens.
Darren Francis

To Darren Francis, photography is more than just clicking the shutter button. It’s a creative outlet -- one that allows him to bring his imagination to life. As a perfectionist, he strives to always capture a better photo than his last.
Darren started dabbling in photography as a child and was a member of his school’s photography club in his teens. He graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Engineering Informatics and later from Monash University with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.
Having had a strong interest in both visual and performance arts from an early age, Darren decided to follow his heart by taking on photography assignments of different genres in 2008. By the following year, he had gone pro. Darren now provides a wide range of photography services and is also the lead photography trainer for SDW and Sapura Imaging Singapore. 

Cai Dingyan

Dancing for almost as long as he has been taking pictures, Dingyan discovered that both his passions fuse beautifully together to help him tell better, more compelling stories in his photography.
Dingyan is a wedding and portrait photographer who loves making friends and interacting with people from all walks of life. Weddings are his favourite photography genre as he enjoys immersing himself in the joys of the occasion.
With strong eye for detail, Dingyan wows with every picture he creates.